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Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new lounge 2


Lakenhow is just the most beautifully appointed, conveniently situated holiday home you could imagine.

We don't often start with the views, but opposite is the view from the smaller lounge window at Lakenhow, and yet you really need to see this view in real life to do justice to the majesty of the surrounding landscape, quite breathtaking.

In fact we would say, difficult for guests to tear themselves away and to go out and explore all this area has to offer! Within touching distance of Ulverston and Broughton in Furness, the gateway to all the western coast has to offer, and yet 45 minutes or so away from Windermere, or just cut across the way to access Coniston, and you really are best placed for all that is good to sample here in this area of the Lakes.

Lakenhow has: Stunning Views - Free Private Parking - Large Gardens - Patio Area with Garden Furniture - Wi-Fi - Linen & Towels Included - 3 Flatscreen TV's - Dishwasher - Two Family Bathrooms - Ground Floor Bathroom & Bedrooms
- Log Burner -

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow Panorama

Lakenhow's Majestic Scenery

Stunning views from Lakenhow's elevated position from most windows in the home, this panorama has been taken from the lounge window.

Lakenhow a very spacious property with room for eight guests to be very comfortable.

This newly renovated holiday home is an absolute delight, and we think will prove to be a favourite that groups of family and friends will simply not be able to get enough of.

Availability is currently limited to a rolling 3 month period.
PER WEEK: £1800

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new lounge 1

Lakenhow Lounge

A rather sumptious lounge at Lakenhow, and somewhat "upside down", as the lounge is situated upstairs - to take advantage of those amazing views of course!

A most lovely serene and calming colour scheme awaits, a sense of peacefulness and spaciousness for guests. Real tranquil moments can be enjoyed here at Lakenhow.

Cooling in the summer months, and yet set centrally along the main wall, the large log burner taking centre stage in the room, ensures that sitting by a roaring log burner on a windy autumn or cold winter's evening with friends is just as enjoyable at Lakenhow as having a barbeque in the summer is, while enjoying the gardens.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow Lounge Windows

Lakenhow Lounge Windows

Lakenhow makes for great accommodation from which to plan a cycling or walking holiday or special weekend with options right from the door.

There are close links to the Cumbria Coastal Way... possibilities are many, from well worn popular cycling and walking routes, to quieter, less well trodden paths.

That is, as we've already mentioned you can leave the views from the Lakenhow lounge!

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new kitchen 1

Lakenhow Kitchen

So much Wow facter involved with Lakenhow's dreamy kitchen!

Again located on the upper floor, which has an overall lovely open plan and spacious feel to it - ideal for friends and family to socialise together while simultaneously preparing a meal if they so wish.

All newly refurbished, with all the modern conveniences which you would expect to find, beautiful crockery, fine cutlery, thoughtful accessories, we think everything has been considered and thoughtfully provided here at Lakenhow.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new kitchen 2

Lakenhow Kitchen

Everything is conveniently located within the kitchen at Lakenhow, which is also stocked with useful background items for guests that they would find in their own kitchen at home - salt, pepper, kitchen towel, cooking oil, tin foil, cloths and scrubbies, dishwashing liquid and tablets, along with tea, coffee and sugar so if you forget something - it's likely to be waiting for you at Lakenhow!

Of course there's Wi-Fi!

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new bathroom 1

Lakenhow Upstairs Bathroom

Lakenhow boast two full bathrooms - real luxury rooms they are too!

One full bathroom is located upstairs alongside the double bedroom, and the other bathroom is located downstairs with two triple bedrooms, very useful and convenient for those older guests who would like both a bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new bathroom 2

Lakenhow Upstairs Bathroom

Here's another view of the Lakenhow bathroom.

Both bathrooms are spacious, with classical white bathroom suites, a dove grey colour palette complimented by soft blues - gorgeous!

The upstairs bathroom at Lakenhow comprises a full sized bath and walk in shower cubicle which runs the length of the wall.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new upstairs bedroom 1

Lakenhow Upstairs Bedroom

The bedrooms at Lakenhow.....

What can we say? The views for starters......

Fabulous beds to sink into for a great night's rest, complimented by special top of the range quality bed linen and towels. TV's mounted on the wall.

Soothing colours with a country feel to really make our guests feel pampered.

Little personal touches to make guests feel special, tissues, fine hand soap ... all designed to promote well being and welcome guests to Lakenhow

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new upstairs bedroom 2

Lakenhow Upstairs Bedroom

The upstairs bedroom at Lakenhow taken from the opposing view, showing the pleasing colour palette and bedroom furniture - stylish, soothing and easy on the eye.

Crisp white bed linen, fluffy towels, Lakenhow has been constructed with guest comfort in mind every step of the way.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow Entranceway

Lakenhow Entranceway

What could be nicer than walking into Lakenhow?

A guests paradise, through the front door there awaits two ground floor bedrooms to the right, and one of the bathrooms lies straight ahead.

Or you may wish to go upstairs immediately to check out the amazing scenery for yourself!

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new bedroom no 1 1

Lakenhow Downstairs Bedroom No 1

The first extremely spacious and comfortable triple bedroom at Lakenhow.

Large enough to comfortably fit a king sized bed along with one single bed, leaving enough space for a large wardrobe and just out of view you will find another wall mounted TV opposite the beds.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new bedroom no 1 2

Lakenhow Downstairs Bedroom No 1

Taken from the opposing angle, this picture of one of Lakenhow's downstairs bedrooms shows how the light streams in through the windows at the far end of the bedroom.

Simply stylish, definitely luxurious, we don't think you'll be disappointed with anything Lakenhow has to offer!

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new downstairs bathroom

Lakenhow Downstairs Bathroom

An exercise in sheer bliss - we couldn't imagine anything finer than sinking into the roll top bath at Lakenhow....

Another fine bathroom with an immense amount of beautifully crafted space, the same subtle colour pallette, and relaxation seems guaranteed at Lakenhow.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new bedroom 2 1

Lakenhow Downstairs Bedroom No 2

Another long triple bedroom at Lakenhow, also on the ground floor, offering the same style and versatility as the first.

Through the open doorway guests can see the corridor down to the bathroom, which may help prospective guests gauge how far they have to travel to visit the bathroom at Lakenhow.

Light and spacious, luxury bed linen and bijou soft furnishings, with a further king size bed and a single bed.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new bedroom 2 2

Lakenhow Downstairs Bedroom No 2

A shot from the other side of the bedroom again at Lakenhow.

The strong mustard and subtle grey colours of the decor and bed linen throughout really compliment each other and perfectly brings about that very relaxing ambiance we seek for our guests at Lakenhow.

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new dining

Dining at Lakenhow

As we continue with our picture tour, we come to the dining area at Lakenhow.

Truly special, we have photographed the smaller table, although there is also a larger one to sit eight guests together comfortably.

You will also notice three dining stools at the Lakenhow kitchen breakfast bar - ideal for catching a quick snack!

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new conservatory

Conservatory area at Lakenhow

Just beyond the kitchen area at Lakenhow lies the conservatory area.

Simply a stunning area to sit and take tea, curl up and read a book, enjoy the absolute peace and quiet, or catch up with friends and family.

Leading out from the conservatory area via double doors to the patio area of Lakenhow and gardens beyond.

We think guests to Lakenhow will be absolutely thrilled, it's very difficult not to fall in love with this property at first sight, and we expect that for some of our guests it will become quite a long love affair! Below please find some more pictures of Lakenhow to complete our tour for you.

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Lakenhow can be booked for any day of arrival and accepts bookings for two nights or more.

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Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow new exterior

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow garden 2

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow garden 1

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow Exterior 1

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow Exterior 2

Lakenhow - Sleeps 8. Lakenhow Exterior 3

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