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Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Lounge 1

Stable Cottage

A perfect rural setting - Stable Cottage, nestled snuggly on a working farm, sleeps two people in exemplary luxury.

Traditional Cumbrian mixes with modern day twists, and the result is a fabulous, cosy spot to just enjoy the views, to explore farther afield or simply enjoy what there is to do - which is plenty - on the doorstep.

Stable Cottage has the added advantage of being very near one of the loveliest beaches along the western coast of Cumbria.

There are miles of sand in each direction - a beautiful ocean to look at - it's quite the hidden gem of a beach and you may find much of the time that you have it all to yourselves.

Stable Cottage has stunning views of the landscape in every direction, and situated as it is, a real panoramic vista is there in front of you all the time - and yet, very little in the way of people. Located about a mile down a narrow road to the farm, most people would probably never think to make the turning, and so the cottage sits in its own surrounding splendour, in sublime peace and quiet.

Stable Cottage , easily accessible, and yet a world away from it all. We really do think this cottage is going to be a favourite of couples, and will become a staple of their annual diary.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Lounge 3

The Lounge

Dressed in a very subtle colour palette throughout, Stable Cottage's furnishings and decor compliment each other perfectly. Soothing colours have been chosen for relaxation and promoting well being.

The downstairs floor of Stable Cottage is beautifully tiled, there's a rug waiting by the fire, central heating, and there are four windows so the light flows in all the time, and the views beyond are always available.

The sofa is very comfortable, and a delight to sink into after a day's activity. Pour your drink, turn on Sky, take advantage of the latest curved model of TV.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Dining

Dining Table

Afternoon Tea For Two?

A very English tradition of course, and what a lovely aspect from which to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner with fine crockery provided.

There are many thoughtful touches at Stable Cottage to help make your stay a truly memorable one.

Of course there's Wi-Fi!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Dining 2

Dining In or Out

Stable Cottage really lends itself to outdoor eating. Even your morning coffee could be enjoyed al fresco.

This picture demonstrates the ease with which guests will find themselves outside - it's very attractive inside indeed, but we think you may just be unable to resist the temptation to dine outside whenever the weather permits! And why not!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Kitchen 1

The Kitchen

Everything in Stable Cottage kitchen has been thoughtfully considered, and provided.

All you need is here - fridge with small freezer compartment, a dishwasher, microwave, cooker, toaster etc... all in handy two person sizes.

There's some very fine crockery to enjoy, and you'll find the kitchen at Stable Cottage is well stocked with background everyday items too.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Kitchen 2

Newly Renovated

Stable Cottage is newly renovated and also new to the holiday letting market.

We are expecting Stable Cottage will be an instant success with the quality of workmanship undertaken, and the furnishings and fittings that have been included within the cottage will make it a come back to destination over and over again.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Bedroom 1

The Bedroom

Stable Cottage's bedroom - we think we've been leaving the best news until later on!!

A real masterclass in comfort, the Stable Cottage bedroom has it all - a majestic bed as it's centrepoint, comfy pillows, duck down duvet, bespoke bed linen, fluffy bath sheets, lighting controlled via dimmer switch so you can choose your optimum setting...... the list goes on.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Bedroom 2


Taken from the other side of Stable Cottage's bedroom, this picture shows you another aspect of the room, and gives a tantalising hint of the en-suite bathroom.

The whole of the upstairs floor and stairs at Stable Cottage is carpeted. You'll be struck by the amount of space upstairs - a very well proportioned bedroom and a very large bathroom awaits.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Bathroom 1

The Bathroom

Well now, the bathroom at Stable Cottage!

Where do we begin? A bespoke white bathroom suite with roll top bath which we highly recommend getting into for a soak, all the while being able to take in the elevated view from the window!

It doesn't get much better than that.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Bathroom 2

Underfloor Heating

The flooring in the bathroom at Stable Cottage is tiled, with underfloor heating, which is triggered to come on when the bathroom light switch is activated.

It really is a pleasure to step out of the bath or shower cubicle, to find it is lovely and warm underfoot - a real luxury feature which we think our guests will very much appreciate - in fact love!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Bathroom 3

Roll Top Bath

Back to the roll top bath at Stable Cottage . What more can we tell you about it? It's really rather large, so you can stretch out in it underneath all the bubbles....

There are a selection of products left in the bathroom for guests to try. You might notice the champagne in the window sill - well, we thought it a great spot to enjoy a perfect moment!

The shower is also easy to operate, and there is plenty of room within this spacious bathroom to really enjoy getting ready for the day, or ready for bedtime.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Door 1

Stable Cottage

Here's the exterior view of Stable Cottage.

Private parking is available, with paving then underfoot to the cottage door.

The exterior is painted in a friendly lemon with mediterranean green around the sills and window frames. It's very quaint Cumbrian!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Nameplate

You Are Here!

We don't think you'll miss it - but here's a view of the Stable Cottage nameplate and postbox, so there will be no confusion when you arrive!

And should any post be expected to arrive for you (sometimes guests are celebrating special events and cards arrive) this is the place where you will find they are delivered to - the postman will not disturb you!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Ext 1

The Views

Turning around at Stable Cottage this is the view from the front door.

The pictures tell you a little of the expanse of simply space you get at Stable Cottage, although we would say it is even better when experienced in real life!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Door 2

Paved Exterior

As we mentioned earlier, Stable Cottage is paved, and this extends round the whole of the cottage, front and back.

So it's possible to eat everyday, or take your morning coffee, and enjoy multiple views from different angles. There is never really a bad weather day which spoils the view - it is there to be enjoyed all the time, whether from the window or the patio.

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Ext 2

The View from The Bench

You can see the side view here at Stable Cottage - along with the back door.

There's a bench here (it can be moved!) to add in a little variety.

So go on, we invite you to take a seat and let us know how the view from the bench is!

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Window

The View from The Bathroom Window

We've mentioned the view from the bathroom window at Stable Cottage before too - rolling hills, the fells, the fields....

The pubs and eateries are not far away either, even if it seems they are, some are in walking distance, where a good meal can be found at a very reasonable price.

We think guests of Stable Cottage will be delighted with this cottage. We've told you what we can about Stable Cottage, and we think the pictures are very good indeed, but the reality is even better, and below are a few more shots to give you a representation of how stunning yet serene this setting is. We're confident it will exceed guest expectations in every respect.

There is plenty of private parking attached to Stable Cottage.

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Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Bedroom 3

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Door 3

Stable Cottage - Sleeps 2. Stable Ext 3

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