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High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 1

High Bridge End

High Bridge End – A truly unique blend of luxury which makes for an idyllic stay for couples in the heart of the beautiful Duddon valley.

High Bridge End is part of a larger residence, and the accommodation is located on the upper floor, with fabulous views of the fells and surrounding countryside to all sides.

High Bridge End is undergoing renovation throughout June 2018, in order that this fabulous accommodation can be extended to accommodate four guests - we'll keep you informed of progress and hope all will be ready to book again by July!

This accommodation has been renovated to the very highest standards and we think is very special indeed.

The photograph above showcases well an overview of what High Bridge End offers – a bespoke residence comprising the main lounge area, with the bedroom off to the left, the kitchen off to the right, and the lift for less abled guests who may need to use it, positioned just before the kitchen.

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High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 7

High Bridge End Lounge

Let’s just linger in High Bridge End lounge at this angle for a moment.

The most beautiful crafted furniture you can imagine, a remote controlled massage chair, stunning artwork lining the walls, an elegant grandfather clock, thick carpets, luxurious drapes....

There is nothing which hasn’t been thoughtfully considered - and then provided.

Of course there's Wi-Fi!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 2

High Bridge End Diner

High Bridge End lounge from this angle tells you about the picture windows, deep enough to sit in and read a book, or simply study the stunning views and watch the world go by. We think it would be impossible to stay here and not leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

The intimate dining table takes centre stage in this picture – giving a flavour of where breakfast is served!

You can see the real fire in the background – this comes with as much free wood as you can burn we might add!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Front Door

High Bridge End Entrance

Here is High Bridge End's guest front door - it is actually tucked away around the back of the property, so guests are quite private - although the chickens are free range and roam free but they make quite cute neighbours!

The lift at High Bridge End is available through an entrance next to the parking area on the ground floor for less abled guests.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Bathroom

The Bathroom

High Bridge End's bathroom - a large, light and airy affair with a luxurious walk in shower suitable for both able bodied and less so.

The peach and beige tiled decor is complimented by a heated towel rail, and a white washbasin and toilet.

Fluffy co-ordinating towels, facecloths and luxurious accessories complete the look.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Bathroom 2

The View from the Washbasin

Our photographer, Claire Westwood, hit on the idea that guests may like an impression of what the view is like from High Bridge End's washbasin - and so here it is!

Look out at the summer house and expanse of green lawns while you brush your teeth - its simply stunning whatever the weather.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Bedroom1

The Bedroom

The double bedroom at High Bridge End is truly cosy and inviting, in soothing peach decor against sumptious rich dark wood.

Boasting a very comfortable mattress encased in a gorgeous wooden frame, beautiful bed linen with the highest quality pillows and duvet - a good night's rest at High Bridge End is guaranteed.

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High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Bedroom 3

More Views from the Bedroom

Another picture window in the High Bridge End bedroom, with glorious views out over the Duddon river, beloved of Wordsworth, which runs on by past the lounge and bedroom windows.

You are surrounded by fields and fells on all sides, not overlooked by any other property at any time, and each window gives its own lovely perspective on the surrounding scenery.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Bedroom 2

Luxurious Bed

The bed at High Bridge End is truly sumptious. Highest quality bed linen on a very luxurious bed, coupled with comfortable accessories make this room a real treat and a pleasure to enjoy.

Beautiful art adorns the walls at High Bridge End, and adds to the ambience of this bedroom space, and all rooms, making them both relaxing and tranquil.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Kitchen1

The Kitchen

A small and very well equipped kitchen awaits at High Bridge End.

Everything has been carefully thought about and provided, and all the home essentials await you here - a fridge, freezer, cooker, combination microwave etc.... right down to the electric can opener are provided.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Kitchen 2

Views from The Kitchen

Although we realise that there are such good eateries in Cumbria you may not make much use of the High Bridge End kitchen - and no one would blame you!

So we took this picture really just to emphasise that even the view from the kitchen window - which allows you to take in the expanse of the back gardens, the summer house and the chickens - is simply lovely!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Lift

The Lift

This picture of the entrance to the High Bridge End lift is to show our less abled guests where they access the lift to come up to the accommodation from the ground floor.

The route to the lift is stable and flat, and the lift will fit in a wheelchair quite easily. Once in the accommodation, everyuthing is provided on the one floor for ease of mobility for our guests.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 5

A Room with a View

Back to the High Bridge End lounge - we could talk about this room all day! It has a wow factor evident within the pictures, and yet this becomes an even greater wow factor when viewed in real life.

The wood, the drapes, the fire, the grandfather clock, the sound system - it all completes a very wholesome picture of relaxation at its very best.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 6

Beautiful Beams

The wooden beams at High Bridge End are a stunning feature to be admired in themselves.

Further, the window seats have been crafted from majestic slabs of wood, polished and varnished to become a feature of natural beauty.

Sitting and stretching out in the windows is actually a very comfortable past time!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 3

Bose Sound

Enjoy beautiful music played well at High Bridge End - the Bose sound system (situated at the end of the dresser) brings in any radio station you care to listen to.

Or bring a couple of your favourite CD's, recline yourself in a massage chair and relax as your favourite music fills the room....

There is also an extensive DVD collection on the ground floor for guest use.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Sunhouse

The Summerhouse

The summerhouse at High Bridge End is really the perfect spot to go for a quiet sit down.

Watch the chickens ambling by, and admire the views from the privacy of your elevated position.

It is actually impossible not to relax in the grounds of High Bridge End - we've tested it out!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Outside 1

The Garden

Very lush green lawns are the crowning glory at High Bridge End.

Cut regularly through the season, the grass compliments the Cumbrian stone we know so well.

The green of the grass and trees, and the expanse of sky, whatever its colour, make for a very tranquil environment.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Outside 2

An Elevated View

This photograph was taken from the viewpoint of the summerhouse at High Bridge End, and gives you an impression of how the land around rises and falls.

It was quite a wet day when we took the photograph below, as it often can be in Cumbria of course - but we don't think this detracts from the beauty of the surroundings at all!

There's a lovely area downstairs where walking gear, boots etc and even bicylces can be stored safely.

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE Front Closeup

Your Peaceful Abode

There's a homely inviting quality about this photograph - a lovely place to look forward to coming "home" to after a days sight seeing and exploring all that this beautiful area has to offer its visitors.

We feel that there will be many returning guests to High Bridge End.

It will become a habit rather than a one-off visit.

Or dare we say... a healthy obsession, a non guilty pleasure!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 4

Bang & Olufsen TV

Those autumn nights.... winter nights at High Bridge End following those, What to do?

Settle yourself in front of a roaring fire, with as much wood as you can burn.

Turn your attention to the TV, a complete quality sound experience not to be missed.

There's a warming blanket over the Chesterfield sofa, winter nights don't get better than this!

High Bridge End - Being Newly Renovated!. HBE New Lounge 1

A View from the Rear

This photograph taken from the back of the lounge at High Bridge End tries to give the viewer an impression of the size of this accommodation. Light and airy in the summer, warm and cosy for those winter evenings.

There are plenty of wall and ceiling lights, and lamps, for you to create just the right atmosphere for you.

High Bridge End - 2017 & 2018 Tariff & Availability

Guests are most welcome to book for any day of the week,
with arrival after 3 pm and departure by 10 am please.

Two night minimum stays are requested please. Please see the calendar below to determine availability. High Bridge End does not allow dogs as there are free range chickens who wander around and abouts the property.

For stays encompassing Sunday through Thursday nights, the rate is £100 per night.

Friday and Saturday nights are £125 per night.

Free availability calendar

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